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In January 2013, SAHER launched Sports for Peace program, which uses football as a means of reaching out to young girls and boys, from various religious, socio-economic and caste backgrounds. Children will interact to know each other and the process will enable them to challenge personal and communal stereotypes based on socio-religious identities.

Team sports are seen as powerful tools to unify and mobilize youngsters, as they work together in achieving the same goals, learn to share space and equipment and show respect for each other. This teaches them how to cooperate and compete in a sportsmanlike manner and how to respond to conflict constructively. These are crucial aspects for peace-building, which drop suspicions and personal barriers, opening doors for new opportunities.

As youth in these communities are often not given the space to express themselves, the discussions held at the end of each session encourage participants to share their own thoughts and experiences. The outcome is confident teenagers who contribute positively enabling the larger society to also view them as responsible citizens with potential.

This two year program touches various topics, including citizenship action and reproductive health, leading them to take up social action projects in their communities.