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We are a country where more than 100 languages, a little more than twenty religious beliefs and a multitude of cuisines come together each day to stir up a pretty mosaic. And yet, these are the same wedges that are driven into the mosaic to polarize people and propagate a vision of citizenship that traps the 'self' in borders drawn around identities that exclude the 'other'

One such effort towards fostering interaction across communities and building peace is the Annual Peace Week with the following objectives:

  • Creating a platform for children from different backgrounds (English, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati media schools)to play, interact and know each other
  • Interweaving a spirit of coming together and breaking barriers of identities such as religion, class and gender and making it a vital part of children's education as they grow up
  • Encouraging volunteerism among youth to organise such events that create positive spaces for expression and social action
  • Creating spaces for the community to interact and exchange to foster mutual respect and understanding through sports